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Fuel Systems

Williams Carburetors has over 70 years of combined experience in the worlds fastest and most economical carburetors. We have worked with well known engine builders such as Bob Gliden, Ricky Smith, Waddel Wilson, Reher Morrison, Steve Schmidt, Vick Hill, Pat Musi, Norm Grimes and many more. The first ever to split Dominators into two barrels and to split Dominators into one barrel in the late 60's. Williams Carburetors built one of the first sheet-metal intakes in the late 60's. World records set in drag racing, circle track, salt flats and boats. read more

Dyno's and Tuning

Dyno and Tuning, Gary Williams is known worldwide for being a world-class tuner. His ability to read spark plugs and exhaust ports matched with jetting, timing and air density puts him a step above the rest. Many years of hardcore racing has given him the ability through experience to make incredible horsepower and torque. Williams Carburetors is a Dynojet Research authorized tuning center. read more

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